About Our Causes

Distinctive Events Management, LLC.
Is a woman-owned business, has been producing dynamic events and expos throughout the Midwest
since 2012. Our talented team has decades of collective event and business expertise with additional
experience in advertising and marketing.
We believe in bringing together people for a mutually beneficial purpose. As a company we strive
to provide supportive opportunities for Business Owners, entrepreneurial endeavors, and companies
large and small. We want to provide an entertaining value to attendees and make a positive impact in
the markets we serve. We approach our events by considering the different perspectives of the
attendees, the exhibitors and sponsors. By doing so, we create a community.

Experience events designed to be interactive, entertaining and fun. Women, Children and men are able
to discover new products, information, ideas and shop with Exhibitors. Visitors can try something new
and enjoy rejuvenating services. We provide value and entertainment.
Exhibitors find that Face to Face interaction are a powerful tool to brand and market their business.
This enhances their platform and helps build Brand proximity.

Utilize the expo format by being able to connect with consumers on a personal level. This creates an
opportunity not only for sales, but to build relationships and loyalty. This interaction is perfect for
launching new products, sampling and getting your product or service into the hands of potential
consumers. Introducing products, services and information at expos provides invaluable market
insight and feedback. The Healthy Living Expos’ specific audience is a perfect fit for focused
enterprises or initiatives.
Community and Giving Back are important to us a company. We launched an initiative to incorporate
a charitable component into all of our events. We feel it is vital to have a positive impact in our



  • Reach all of the key players in the industry in one place, at one time.

  • Spend exclusive time with new clients and exhibitors, key decision makers and employees at the Expo.

  • Raise your visibility as a prime resource in the community.

  • Meet new customers,network with community businesses and reconnect with current ones.

  • Maximize your marketing dollars.

  • Network with other exhibitors and industry professionals.


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